WOW – What a Result!

Nowhere to be seen to page one in a week or two…

I wanted to write a little case-study since I was really pleased with a recent job.  I have not included detail that will identify the company or niche, but I am more than happy to share it with people personally.  If you want any more information about what I present below, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I was chatting with an old friend who happens to own a decent sized ‘small business’.  It’s a service business.  I am not sure what size the business has grown to in recent years, as I hadn’t seen him for a while and we didn’t discuss this when we spoke.  I guess around 10-30 staff.  We spoke about his business and I also told him I had recently taken my interest and experience in Search Engine Optimisation and formed Cardiff SEO.

I know he does alright, but from my investigations, I have to assume he doesn’t get a great deal of business through his website.  I asked him about the various services he offers and which ones he prefers.  I found out his most lucrative area of work, for which he sends his teams all over the UK.  The jobs are usually considerable in size and I can only assume the profit is too.

When I got back to the office, I looked up a handful of phrases relevant to this kind of work.  For each and every phrase I tested, his website was not in the first 10 pages of Google. (I have software that checks for me).

I checked with Google, the search volumes that these keywords receive each month.  They were in the thousands.

So hear we have a business that happens to be very good at what they do. They want more of a specific type of work, and Google tells us thousands of people in the UK search for suppliers of such services every month.  These potential customers will never find this business as his website will never be returned in the search results unless something is done about it.  What an injustice!

I could see the value I could bring and I really wanted to help.  I checked the strength of competition and I knew I could help.  My friend was oblivious to the potential as he was not really aware of the concept of search engine optimisation.  He reluctantly agreed to allow me to do some work on his behalf.

I started on 8 November 2011.  At that point his website was not being returned in the first 10 pages of Google for a number of lucrative keywords.

I started by writing him some great content in the form of a page on his website.  I then went about building deep back-links to the page I wrote.  I created links from forums, from blogs, from blog comments and social bookmarked the page at many leading social bookmarking sites.  I wrote, some more content, and distributed it to article directories then social bookmarked their URL’s too.  There was a lot more I could have done but it was time to sit back and watch the effects so far.

A few days later, the page I wrote was picked up by big G, and indexed.  As I write this post, the page I wrote sits at position 3 of the first page of Google for the primary search term.

For 4 other secondary search terms, the page appears on first page of Google in positions 7,7,8 and 8.  For other relevant terms it sits at 12,15,22 and 45.

The term returns the page at position 45, receives approx 10,000 searches per month – and is the most competitive.

In summary, customers looking to employ the kind of services my friend provides so well, are now very likely to stumble across his site since it is sitting on page one of Google for so many relevant terms.

This is going to have a considerable impact on the number of jobs this kind of enquiry my friend receives in the coming months.

A great result and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg either (go on ask me what I charged him).

If you would like more business, here’s what I am willing to do for you free of charge, without obligation.

  • Consider the list of keywords I recommend you go after.
  • Look at the monthly search volume for those keywords.
  • Analyse your website to see how it can be improved.
  • Look at the strength of competition and give you an idea of where you can expect to rank without breaking the bank

As stated, I am happy to provide a free, no obligation report on all of the above.  Why? Well, if there is any room for improvement, I am hoping you will consider my quote to carry out the work.

Interested in my Search Engine Optimisation services? Call me now on 029 2000 3574 or contact me here.


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