SEO Testimonials

I’d be happy to use this page to tell you how good I am at search engine optimisation, and how I can vastly improve your SERP rankings yadda yadda… it means a lot more when someone else tells you.

So this page is reserved for other people to tell you how good I am.

This first testimonial is from a company I bought some b2b data from.  After searching the Internet for providers of business marketing data, I found one with excellent reviews.  So I contacted them and said I want this many records, of companies with X number of employees, in this postcode, and so on.   I was promptly provided with an excel  spreadsheet of fresh data from which I was able to create a direct marketing campaign.

During our talks, we agreed I would do a trial run for a phrase they were hoping to improve upon.  I was given the phrase that was ranking at position 13 (third place on page 2 of Google) and I went to work.  After dancing around for a while (not me, the phrase), and even briefly dropping off page 2 (normal behaviour), the phrase came in initially at position 5, then settled at position 2.

I am really glad I was successful with this phrase for Responsiva Data Services because not only do I like to over-deliver but I have been given the go ahead on a lot more work.

Here it is in the words of the client.

I asked Sean for a month’s trial of service with one keyword (“b2b data”).  It takes Google about two months for the fruits of this work to filter through, but after it had the keyword had jumped from 13th to 2nd place.

This has given me the confidence in working with Sean on a longer-term SEO project, and I am optimistic that a similar boost will be yielded on other keywords over the coming months.

Toby Harris
Responsiva Data Services
Tel: 0800 118 5000

Thank you Toby.

Further client testimonials will be posted here in due course. Thanks for reading.

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