Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising concept whereby advertisers pay only for adverts which are clicked by prospects.

PPC can be set-up in such a way that advertisements are only shown to highly targeted prospects. Adverts that are shown, are called ‘impressions’. When an advert that has been shown, is clicked on by a prospect, this click is chargeable and also contributes to your ‘click through rate’ which is often given as a percentage of number of impressions.

Let me give you an example of how this works with search engines who offer PPC advertising.

Lets say a business based in Cardiff in the search engine optimisation business, wishes to receive visitors to their website who are search for ‘SEO Cardiff’ . The business would set up a PPC account and enter ‘SEO Cardiff’ as one of their search terms. When a web user enters this term, the advert would be shown on the results page. Usually under a heading such as ‘sponsored listings’ which means they are paid for ad’s. On Google you usually find them at the top, and on the right of the page. The advert being shown on the page is called an impression and doesn’t cost anything to the advertiser. A user can see how many impressions he has had in his PPC control panel. If the user goes on to click that at, he/she will be directed to the businesses website. For this, the business would be charged a small fee, usually a somewhere between 5p and £5.00 depending on the competition for that word or phrase. Sometimes you pay a flat fee per click and other times it works like an auction. The business who offers the highest amount per click in their PPC Control Panel will have their advert shown at the top of the PPC list.

A correctly setup PPC campaign has no downside. You get highly targeted visitors to your website for a low fee. In some business areas where competition is low, we can use PPC to drive highly targeted, local, ready to buy visitors to a clients website for as little as 10p (£0.10).

Beware, an improperly configured PPC account can rack up thousands of pounds in fee’s in a few hours – driving worthless traffic to your site. If you want help setting up your PPC campaign, Cardiff SEO today to discuss your requirements.

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