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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation can be broken down into two areas, on-page and off-page SEO. In order to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPS), both areas should  be addressed.

On-Page SEO

‘on-page’ search engine optimisation is the process by which pages of a website are manipulated with the intention that they will be considered by search engines, more relevant to the keyword or key-phrase that is being targeted.  Examples of ‘on-page’ SEO might be adding or revising title tags and adjusting keyword density.  Cardiff SEO offer on-page SEO as part of their SEO services portfolio.

Off-Page SEO

‘off-page’ SEO is the name given to any task or process that is intended to have a positive effect on the search engine ranking of a web page or website, but doesn’t actually involve making changes to the web pages.  Examples of ‘off-page’ SEO include creating keyword rich articles with hyperlinks back to pages on your website.  Cardiff SEO offer off-page SEO as part of their SEO services portfolio.

Keyword Research and Analysis

It is normally easier to be successful in your SEO attempts when the target is a key-phrase as opposed to a keyword.  This is because competition is lower as you become more specific in the search terms you are targeting.   The longer the key-phrase the easier it will be to rank well for that phrase.  For example, whilst it might be a challenge to rank well for antiques it would be much easier to rank for antique bicycle restoration service.

We can help you research the keywords that are most appropriate to your business and help you improve ranking for these keywords.

It’s not just the Search Engines you need to impress!

It is very important not to forget that whilst attempting to positively influence search engines with regard to your target keywords or key-phrases, your primary aim must always be to satisfy your human visitors with interesting, well written content.   Balancing good SEO with interesting and easily readable content is all part of the challenge.  The page you are reading now is intended to be interesting, informative and search engine friendly. Ideally, it will also compel you to take action.

And the result of great SEO is…

The result of successful SEO is that you will enjoy a greater number of targeted prospects arriving at your website, resulting in a higher number of enquiries and more eventual profit.  The work of the SEO process is to attempt to improve the position at which the site or page is shown in the SERPS for given keywords.  We do this by helping search engines better understand what your site is about and what products or services you offer.

Whilst this always result in a greater number of visitors to your site, you can’t pay bills with visitors! More visitors will not equate to more profits unless the rest of the marketing process slots into place.  Once you are enjoying hoards of additional visitors to your site, you had better be spurring them into action with great copywriting culminating in a definite call to action.  From there it’s up to you to create and build profitable, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients.  Cardiff SEO can help you improve upon your websites copy in order to convert more visitors into taking action. To discuss your search engine optimisation and online marketing requirements further, contact Cardiff SEO today, we would really like to help you.


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